Minna Kelonen, Partner Nordic Interim Finland
Minna Kelonen, Partner Nordic Interim Finland

We are happy to announce that the Nordic Interim team is continuing to grow. Minna has extensive experience in the service business, both in national and international companies in the finance, media, and recruitment industries. She has held leadership positions in sales, marketing, change management, and operational functions. In addition, she has worked as a management consultant in her own company.

Below is our interview with Minna on her passion for organisation development and why she chose to join the Nordic Interim team

I want to contribute to the growth and development of companies, and I believe that by utilizing experienced Interim Managers, companies can step up their game significantly and move ahead. Hiring an interim leader offers a significant, often underestimated opportunity to streamline business operations. Over the past year, I have been working as a mentor to top management and have had many discussions about the needs of companies. These needs almost always revolve around challenges related to revenue or profitability, which is why companies are constantly looking for new revenue and operational models.

“I want to work and develop with the best, and Nordic Interim is the industry leader in Interim Executives for top management.

When daily routines are in full swing, and the management should simultaneously analyse the company’s situation and develop its operations, new ideas and actions are at risk of falling by the wayside. Even if there are plans, there’s often not enough time to implement them. Often, management tries to solve challenges internally.

I want to be part of building the interim industry and increasing its visibility in Finland. By leveraging experienced Interim Managers, companies have a tremendous potential to improve their business and enhance their results.

My diverse experience in procurement and recruitment adds value to our clients, and I have also myself undertaken interim assignments related to sales and customer development. I gained familiarity with the recruitment field during my approximately 10-year tenure at Manpower Group in various roles. In my previous positions, I have accumulated a lot of experience in service procurement, and I can empathize with the client’s situation.

I want to work and develop with the best, and Nordic Interim is the industry leader in Interim Executives for top management. This requires us to continuously improve our services and actively expand our network of interims. When the French company Valtus acquired us three years ago, the pool of international Interim Managers grew significantly, and as the global network Valtus Alliance was established, our candidate network expanded even further. The interim network available to Nordic Interim’s clients is in a league of its own, both in Finland and globally.

As I believe in the strong rise of the interim concept, I am very excited to start my role in the leading company within interim services. Our goal at Nordic Interim is to increase the awareness of interim services and help companies understand the value that an experienced temporary professional can bring. An Interim Manager is a quick solution to resolving business challenges.

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