European Leader in Executive Interim Management

European Leader in Executive Interim Management

We solve your probems with Executive Interim Management

Executive Interim Management is temporary executive leadership provided by experienced professionals to organizations facing business-critical challenges or requiring immediate expertise.

These executives and project managers are seasoned leaders with a track record of success who step into leadership roles on a short-term basis to drive strategic initiatives, manage change, or fill temporary critical leadership gaps within an organization. They offer flexibility, expertise, and a fresh perspective to help companies navigate through periods of transition or crisis, ensuring continuity and driving positive outcomes.

About Interim Management

Jannike Falkman, Marketing

We find the right solution

We solve your headache – since 20 years, we have built and driven the industry forwards, constantly developing and refining our expertise within business-critical challenges. We adapt to our client’s needs and the development in the society. We have a verified network of available Executive Interim Managers, both locally and globally.

Our Company

We are the European leader in Executive Interim Management

Nordic Interim is part of Valtus Group, the European leader within Executive Interim Management services. Together, we are enabling companies to get access to the best leaders and solve current and future business challenges.

Visit Valtus Group.

Valtus World Map
  • Offices in 7 countries
  • 20 years in the industry with own offices in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, France, Germany, Austria & the UK
  • A global reach in over 14 countries
  • Over 900 assignments carried out each year within the group
  • A unique network in the Nordic countries
  • Tailored solutions and a personal touch to each client need
  • Confidentiality and ethics at the highest standard

About us

Valtus Alliance

Valtus Alliance is a worldwide network of leading Executive Interim Management companies.
We have the ability to intervene anywhere, at any time, with the finest transformation specialists, ensuring exceptional support for both clients and Executive Interim Managers.

Valtus Alliance assists companies worldwide, offering effortless access to 60,000 highly skilled top managers who are readily available to step in and address various complex situations.

  • Shared values and business ethics
  • Mutual support and consistent methodology
  • Seamless high-quality executive interim management services in all countries
Logo Vatus Alliance

Executive Interim Management is the best of two worlds

In today’s intense corporate climate, you need to have a flexible organization able to react quickly and efficiently to changes, threats and possibilities. But what do you do when there is no time to recruit, or if a traditional management consultant is too expensive? The solution for a ever-increasing number of organizations – both in the private and public sector – is Executive Interim Management. With short notice a qualified leader or specialist enters the organization and takes operational responsibility with full focus on the assignment. You get the leadership, analysis, the strategy, and the implementation.

About Interim Management

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