Common questions and answers about Nordic Interim and Executive Interim Management.

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What roles do you work with?
What does your process look like?

Our customers need to quickly find a solution to solve business-critical challenges and problems. Most of the time, they need a person on site within 2 weeks, but preferably yesterday. For more than 16 years, we have refined and developed our process and our collaboration with clients and Interim Managers. Our process is divided into 4 steps: Definition of the mission and required skills; Identification and Presentation of the right Interim Managers; Agreement, and Assignment start. This takes approximately 2 weeks. We have an extensive network of verified Interim Managers can quickly find the perfect match between client and Interim Manager.

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How long does a recruitment process take?

The process takes about 2 weeks and includes interviews with us and with the customer as well as references.

Are you specialized in a particular industry?

No, we cover, and have experience in, all industries within commercial companies and the public sector.

What kind of clients do you have?

Our customers are in both private and public business.

Are you active throughout the Nordics?

We are active and have a network throughout the Nordic countries.

How do you check and verify your candidates?

We check our candidates through personal meetings or video meetings where we evaluate the person’s career, leadership style, skills, personality, etc. We take references on all final candidates, and if the customer so wishes, we also do a background check. As we have extensive experience in both management roles and executive search, we understand our candidate’s background, experiences, skills and strengths. We aim to have regular contact with our interim managers to build long and reliable relationships.

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Can I hire the Interim Manager after the assignment is completed?

In our agreements, transition fees for the direct employment of an interim manager are regulated. We fully understand that this can be a win/win situation for our customers and Interim Professionals.

Do I have any guarantees if I hire you?

If an assignment does not develop as expected (which happens extremely rarely), we have termination clauses. These are assignment-specific, but the majority have a one-month notice period. Naturally, we help our customer find a replacement with equally strong qualifications. Nordic Interim has liability insurance for all interim workers and for roles at senior level, an extract from the employment register is requested. We can also do a full background check.

How do you handle sensitive and confidential information?

Confidentiality is a matter of honor, both towards our customers and interim managers. At the beginning of each collaboration, we agree with the client on the desired level of confidentiality, and we often use a so-called NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before we talk to the candidates. In our experience, this benefits all parties.

How much does an Interim Management solution cost?

The cost of hiring a manager via Nordic Interim depends entirely on the role, situation and length and scope of the assignment. In short, it is significantly cheaper than engaging a management consultant. Together we go through the challenges and the assignment and calculate an approximate range of the remuneration level to be able to attract and engage the right person of the right caliber.

Do you charge a start-up fee?

Yes, we charge a small fee at the start of an assignment.

Why should I cooperate with Nordic Interim?

Nordic Interim is the Nordic region’s largest and leading company in Interim Management. We have over 16 years of experience in solving our clients’ challenges in three countries, with an extensive knowledge of industries, challenges, transformations, management consulting and identifying the best Interim Managers for each situation. Our customers are in both the private and public sector and we work with companies of all sizes. We are partners to both Interim Managers and our customers and are involved throughout the entire process. We cherish personal contact. Together with the Valtus AllianceTM, we can also help our clients globally.

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What is an interim assignment?

An Interim Manager is a person with long experience of leadership and of driving change in a complex environment. The interim has a background in leading line roles within commercial businesses or government-controlled businesses. The interim has chosen to step down from a permanent role to take on time-limited assignments instead. Interim Management gives the business access to a very experienced leader when their own resources are not sufficient in the event of a challenge, crisis, or vacancy.

How long is an interim assignment?

Most of our assignments are directly linked to a major initiative, and often the assignment extends over 6–12 months, in some cases significantly longer. It is common for the assignments to be extended.

Do you offer international assignments?

Yes. Together with Valtus Group and our global network Valtus Alliance, we help our clients all over the world.

How do I become an Interim Manager or Interim Executive?

If you want to become an Interim Manager and be part of our network, upload your CV here. You are welcome to contact one of our employees if you have any questions or concerns.

Upload your CV here.

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What background do I need to become an Interim Manager?

As an Interim Manager, you should have held leading roles for at least 15 years, preferably at a management team level. You must have a very strong experience of driving change and of leadership in complex environments and situations.

Do I need to have experience as Interim Manager to work with you?

No, you do not have to have experience from interim assignments. There is always a first assignment! However, you need to have extensive experience in leading roles in your profession.

Can I get an assignment even if I have a permanent job with a notice period?

No, our assignments require an immediate start within 2-4 weeks. If you are interested in working as an Interim Manager but are a permanent employee, you are warmly welcome to contact us and we will tell you more, but you should have terminated your employment to be able to take assignments through us.

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I don’t live in a big city, can I still work with you?

Yes, we work all over the Nordic countries.

How do I upload my CV and announce my availability?

The easiest way to upload your CV is through our website. You can also email or call one of us at Nordic Interim to update us on your availability. You will find all employees here.

Upload your CV here.

How do I book a personal meeting with you?

The easiest way to upload your CV is through our website. You can also email or call one of us at Nordic Interim to update us on your availability. You will find all employees here.

How can I become visible in Nordic Interim’s database?

All candidates in our database are searchable on several different parameters. When we search for certain roles or qualifications, we automatically get a view of all the candidates and their CV’s. As it is important for us to have a personal relationship with the interims we work with, we have a good overview of our candidates.

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