“Throughout my career, my driving force has been development and change, and by being able to influence the journey ahead”

Johanna Nilsson is currently on an assignment as interim Head of Business Unit eCommerce at PostNord. Her long background in leading commercial roles in consumer-oriented products and services, with responsibility for business development, concept & product development, branding, marketing & communication, purchasing, sales, and eCommerce, was a perfect fit for the role. For the past 6 years, she has been working as an Interim Manager, which has broadened her industry knowledge and expertise. During her assignment at MatHem during the pandemic, she experienced tremendous expansion during the pandemic.

What are you doing in your current assignment?

“In June 2021, I started an assignment at PostNord, which is a leader in parcel and logistics services to, from, and within the Nordic region. As part of the major transformation that the industry and the company are in, a major reorganization was carried out where, among other things, a new unit, Customer Offering, was created with the aim of operating, developing, and strengthening PostNord’s products and services. As Director of Customer Offering and member of the Swedish management team, and with revenue and profitability responsibility for the total product portfolio, my mission was also to lead and develop the organization, recruit key roles, and develop work processes and long-term strategies. As in many other interim assignments, I have continued in a new role within the company and am now interim Head of eCommerce and responsible for strengthening the offering in the eCommerce market which is under strong development.”

How do you prepare for an interim assignment?

“An interim assignment usually starts within a week, so time for preparation can be short. It is important to quickly familiarize yourself with the industry and the company before starting. There is no time to gradually get to know the company as it usually is in permanent roles, here it is an expectation of delivery from day one. By quickly understanding the organization’s structure, business offer, and plans going forward, it becomes easier and quicker to get started. A clear mission statement about what is expected during the agreed time period is super important. I also tend to be quick to ‘box in’ my assignment to create focus and space for execution.”

What are the 3 most important parts of leading change?

“Commitment, courage, and curiosity. Engaging, inspiring, and involving the organization and employees is important to create an understanding and respect for change. To constantly dare to challenge and test along the way is important to get ahead.”

What are your top 3 career tips?

  1. Try to find your own common thread, no matter how far you have come in your career. Everything you have done regardless of role, industry, or length of assignment takes you forward with new experiences and builds your unique skills.
  2. Invest in a mentor and mentee. This is a great opportunity to get support and guidance as well as a wonderful boost to share your own experience and knowledge and at the same time be inspired and learn.
  3. Be curious and dare to challenge yourself and others – it drives you forward and creates new opportunities when you least expect it.

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