Map of the United Kingdom
Map of the United Kingdom

We have talked to Steve Rutherford, Partner at Valtus UK, to gain insights into the Interim Market in the UK. Steve has a 30-year career in the recruitment industry, primarily holding senior leadership positions, and since 2015, he has specialized in Interim Management.

The Interim Market remains characterized by high fragmentation and intense competition. More than half of the assignments are directly arranged without the involvement of intermediaries, and there are over 200 recruitment firms claiming to be actively operating within Interim Management. The market experienced a slowdown in demand until the middle of 2022, due to the impact of COVID-19 and the Ukraine war, but it has rebounded significantly since then.

Interestingly, Brexit has presented opportunities due to the shifts it created in the economy and the challenges international businesses face in seconding talent into the UK to address short-term issues. As a result, Interim Management has become an attractive solution for companies seeking specialized expertise and leadership on a temporary basis.

Which roles are most in-demand?

“We have a lot of requests for CEOs, CFOs, and Chief Transformation Officers, and we are seeing a big increase in demand in Sales and Supply Chain.”

What is your advice to become successful as an Interim Manager?

“You need to have the right competencies for the role and be an experienced change leader. You must also be prepared to work long hours and deliver outcomes fast. The most important thing is that you must be exceptionally good at selling yourself to clients.”

Steve Rutherford, Partner Valtus UK

Interim Management is the solution when a business needs new ideas, the impetus to implement them, and a leader to bring the team with them.

Steve Rutherford
Partner, Valtus UK

When is Interim Management a good solution?

“Interim Management is the solution when a business needs new ideas, the impetus to implement them, and a leader to bring the team with them.”

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Valtus UK is part of Valtus AllianceTM, a network of Executive Interim Managers worldwide.

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