To be searchable on Linkedin as an Interim Manager, it is important to be show the right information. Here you get some tips on important things to have in your profile so that we can easily find you!

1. Include the word ”interim” or ”consultant” in your title

Under your name in the heading at the top of your profile – use the word “interim”, “consultant” , “open for assignments” eg. together with your title. Example: interim CFO. When we get a list of candidates in our Linkedin search, we just see your name and title. It is easier and quicker for us if we can see directly that you are open for interim assignments.

2. Show your contact information

We prefer to contact you directly by e-mail or telephone as our assignments often are usually urgent. You can write your e-mail and/or telephone number under “contact information”.

3. Describe your experience and competencies

Describe what you have done in your previous roles and assignments. What was the challenge? What did you actually do? Name numbers if possible, such as the size of your organization, PnL responsibility eg. Was your role international? Who owned the company (listed, PE-owned, private eg.). Also write what industry your company is active in.

Be precise in your profile!

Remember to be extra clear and distinct in your Linkedin profile, then it will be much easier for us to find you. Feel free to write too much rather than too little – bullet points are always good!