Experienced Interim Executives

Nordic Interim is content by merely acting as intermediaries and supplying Interim Executives. We are a partner playing an active role throughout the entire process, from defining the assignment and appointment of the right person, through execution, quality control and follow-up. Our unique methodology attracts the very best Interim Professionals on the market, providing security, quality and assuring customer satisfaction in every delivery. A positive experience for all parties involved.

“What makes Nordic Interim unique, is that we ourselves have solid experience from top positions in the private and public sectors, which creates an understanding and positive dynamics in the dialogue with our clients.” 

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Executives with commitment and power to execute

Nordic Interim contributes to strengthening competitiveness through improving, changing and refining activities and processes. We offer a dynamic combination of the most qualified Interim Executives on the market and our own genuine experience from the private and public sector.

We operate in Sweden, the Nordic countries and globally. And we are committed throughout the entire process, from analysing and defining an assignment to selection, execution and follow-up.

The assignments span across filling critical gaps to process change, digital transformation, overseas expansion and tackling crisis – we help you identify and implement the optimal solution to address your challenges.

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“Together with the market’s best and most experienced executives we solve critical business problems and strengthen the competitiveness of our clients.”

Advantages with Executive Interim Professionals

  • Assumes operating responsibility for the assignment. Contributes with advice, knowledge and experience to companies, organisations, boards and work teams.
  • Able to hit the ground running. No recruitment process required. Can begin the mission immediately.
  • Cost efficient and flexible solution to a critical problem.
  • Objective, clear sighted, honest and distinct, always focused on what is best for the assignment.
  • Senior, and often overqualified. Able to quickly analyse the situation. Ability to quickly analyze the situation, understand and begin the mission.
  • Entirely result oriented, working to achieve the agreed goals of the assignment.

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