Solutions for Private Equity

We assist Private Equity firms in their challenges

Nordic Interim assists active owners over the complete life cycle. Over the years we have assisted in a number of cases, in the Nordic region as well as globally.

We provide global support for assessing, turning around, acquiring, divesting, or exiting non-performing entities.

In the phase of making the assessment of an acquisition, when growth plans are executed, in the situation of turnarounds, when making additional acquisitions, divesting a company, or e.g. making a complete exit. Through all these situations we bring the skills needed, no matter where in the world.

Assessment of potential acquisitions/Due Diligence

When looking into buying a company there are many things to consider, and it can be a long and expensive journey if not well managed. Our interim professionals with extensive experience in driving and leading Due Diligence processes, can team up with your team to successfully guide drive the DD process.

Executing growth plans

When you are setting a growth strategy you have to examine all parts of the company to find and prioritize the areas with the best potential to grow. Developing new products or services, or developing existing ones, reach new customers or markets is a complex and expensive process with many parallel initiatives. When these initiatives are at risk to be delayed or when you lack the right skills to lead and execute the plans, we can support you.

The medical technology company had not kept up with the changing market conditions in the industry. Product development was too slow and central control was lacking. The situation was acute. A turnaround was necessary.

Performing turnarounds

To perform a successful turnaround, you need a specialist who has done it all many times. This could be an Interim CEO, CFO, or CRO (Chief Restructuring Officer). A cost-effective and success-guaranteed measure is to engage an expert from outside the organization who can solve the issues and hand over a profitable and sustainable company to the existing or new CEO.

Selling and buying companies

M&A is often seen as an important lever to increase growth and market share. Naturally, there is often an impatience from owners and the board to see their expectations become reality and the realization of different synergies. But if the process goes too fast and is not properly controlled, things can go wrong. We help you with the right competence in the various steps.

Making an exit

An exit strategy takes aspects into account and details all the information and actions that are necessary to sell or close the company. An Interim Professional can team up with you and help you set the right exit strategy, and actively be involved in the complete process.

We help you with the right competence in the various steps to secure a successful process.

Cecilia Brink, Nordic Interim

Cases about Private Equity

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