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We solve critical business challenges

Together with the most experienced Interim Executives on the market we solve our client’s challenges and strengthen their competitiveness.

We find the right solution

We solve your headache – a leader who has done it all before many times. This requires experience of what works, and what does not work, and how to lead an organization through a change. We know what skills, experiences, and leadership styles that will solve your problem.

Often, a large part of the problem can be found in poor leadership. We know that a great leader can motivate and engage your employees and give them the right conditions to succeed and be more productive – with sustainable and lasting results.

We help you when your suppliers cannot deliver the raw material you need, we help you when you do not have the right processes and structures to follow up on business-critical projects, we help you when you need to work with succession planning or when you as a new PE-owner need a quick turnaround of the acquired company.

We find the right solution for your specific problem.

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Björn Henriksson, CEO, Nordic Interim

As Europe’s largest Interim Service Provider, and with own offices in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, France and the UK, we currently run more than 850 assignments every year.

Björn Henriksson, Head of Nordic Region

A part of Valtus Group – we provide companies all around the world with the best professionals

Valtus Group is the European leader in Transition and Executive Interim Management. Together we provide companies all around the world with the best professionals, with transformations with tailor-made managerial solutions that are immediately operational. With offices in six countries, we have both local and international knowledge of markets and industries.

We bring a unique offer in Interim Management

  • 20 years in the industry with own offices in Sweden, Finland, Austria, Denmark, France & the UK
    With our own expertise and experience from leading management roles, in cooperation with the most experienced Interim Managers on the market, we have delivered the right solution for our clients’ critical challenges for more than 20 years within the group. In Sweden, we are the leading Interim Management service provider since 2004.
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  • Over 850 assignments carried out each year within the Valtus group
    We aim to provide companies all around the world with the best professionals, able to embrace their business challenges and deliver fast results where they need them. With offices in six countries, we are the largest interim service provider in Europe.
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  • A unique network in the Nordic countries
    Nordic Interim in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland has a joint network of the most experienced Interim Managers and functional specialists in the Nordic countries. We work closely together to solve our clients’ challenges.
  • Tailored solutions and a personal touch to each client need
    All assignments are unique, and we are not content by merely acting as intermediaries supplying Interim Managers. We are a partner playing an active role throughout the entire process, from defining the assignment and appointment of the right person, through execution, quality control and follow-up. We attract the best Interim Professionals on the market, providing security, quality and assuring customer satisfaction in every delivery. We know what competence, experience and leadership style will solve your challenges.
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  • Confidentiality and ethics at the highest standard
    Nordic Interim act according to our values, sustainability, simplicity, team spirit, ambition and innovation, and applicable laws incl. GDPR. We follow a high level of confidentiality using NDA and Code of Conduct. We do not undertake assignments that may lead to conflicts of interest between client companies within the industry. By working based on the philosophy of continuous improvement and with clear routines regarding preventive and corrective measures, we achieve our quality goals.
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Case Studies

Local teams with senior experience

In our offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Helsinki, we have local teams with senior expertise in Interim Management services in their respective markets. Together we cover the Nordic countries.