Interim Project Leaders and Program Managers (PMO)

Running large and complex projects or programs requires a leader with extensive experience to navigate business-critical initiatives both quickly and safely.

Nordic Interim collaborates with the market’s most experienced interim Change Leader

For large projects or changes, it is required that you have the right skills and leadership. Often this does not exist internally, or it is simply not in your budget. To ensure that your initiatives reach the set goals regarding time, quality and budget with realistic schedules, milestones, risk analyzes, control plans and financial follow-ups, many business leaders choose to hire an Interim Project or Program Manager to achieve the desired result as quickly as possible.

To lead during a change

Leadership during a change means guiding the organization and stakeholders from the current situation to the desired goal in a structured way. A large project is often very expensive in terms of time, resources and capital and it is therefore important that it is carried out in an efficient, long-term, and sustainable way.

A Project Manager plans, leads, and manages projects or programs and creates the conditions for the team to succeed. Leadership is of the utmost importance as the Project Manager is responsible for how the project proceeds and for quickly fix any problem areas.

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The assignment is to run the project as smooth and painlessly as possible

Without the right leadership, the goals are rarely reached in time and the project can be very expensive. A good change leader can get everyone on board while the business is running as usual.

In some cases, the program requires expert knowledge in a specific area, in other cases, it is an advantage to bring in an interim from another industry with new perspectives.

Examples of projects where an interim leader can be supportive to the organization are in large investments where you want to ensure the coordination advantages between different parts of the business, large infrastructure projects, or digitization.

The advantage of engaging an interim Project Manager or Program Manager:

  • The business does not have to set aside a resource that also has to carry out his/her regular tasks
  • An interim leader is completely dedicated to the task
  • An interim Project Manager or Program Manager has successfully made the same journey several times before
  • An experienced Interim Manager has a solid and confident leadership which gives the organization stability and peace
  • The project is carried out on time and on the right budget.

We are with you all the way!

We help you analyze the situation at hand, your needs and then identify the best available candidates on the market. During the assignment, we work closely with both the Client and the Interim Manager to ensure a successful and long-lasting change process.

“Some things that are consistent through all assignments, is to understand where you are going – the direction, why you do what you do and understand what abilities will be required going forward.”

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