Interim Executives for Risk- and Crisis Management

We have the strongest network of Risk- and Crisis Management interim executives.

Risk-, Continuity- and Crisis Management has never been more important. Today all companies and organizations need defined processes to manage unexpected crisis.

In today’s global world disruption and crisis need to be part of every organizations Risk Management work. Resilience is built by preparedness and in the best of worlds every organization have crisis readiness where crisis governance, chain of command, organization adjustments, critical dependencies, the specific processes and policies are defined, documented, implemented and rehearsed. Early warning and defined triggers define when and what steps are taken and by whom. When crisis hits there is little time for creating and implementing new governance and new ways of working.

Risk Management must include readiness and preparedness for Business Continuity- and Crisis Planning and Management to ensure a resilient organization

The ability and preparedness to manage crisis determine the organization’s ability to sustain, recover and survive unexpected situations. Risk Management work need to include Crisis Management and Planning, Business Continuity Management and Planning and Contingency Planning, from a prevention, preparedness, management and restoration perspective.

The different steps and actions required in the situation of a crisis needs to be taken in the right order and without delay. Often one of the first steps is to secure people and employee safety. The immediate and near term is essential and effective response is often instrumental, but it is crucial to not lose focus on the longer term, as this might have worse implications for the organization. The relevant and right analyses must be initiated immediately to ensure the full set of actions are taken, including both near and longer term.

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Nordic Interim are here to help

We are here to help. When companies are facing challenging times and an uncertain future and the leaders needed in testing times are available in our extensive network. The security of our clients, interim professionals and employees are our highest priority and our digital processes ensure we rapidly and securely get the right skills at the right place at the right time.

Nordic Interim help clients develop the necessary readiness and preparedness for Business Continuity- and Crisis Planning and Management to ensure a resilient organization

Risk-, Continuity- and Crisis Management and Planning are scarce skills today and developing the necessary crisis readiness requires effort and resources in addition to the right skills and experience. Leveraging interim solutions for situations where a certain set of skills are required for a limited period of time is wise. Once the governance models, processes and policies and defined, documented, implemented and rehearsed the assignment can be finalized and handed over to the client organization who then have increased their resilience at an optimal cost.

“Nordic Interim has the strongest network of interim professionals who can support your organization in times of crisis”

Nordic Interim helps companies and organizations to overcome complex and critical challenges. In collaboration with the best and most experienced interim professionals we solve critical business challenges by securing the exact right solution at the exact right time. In times categorized by large uncertainty or crisis leveraging interim solutions have many benefits. The interim professional brings immediate, invaluable and a unique set of skills and experience and creates extraordinary power to execute. The organization safeguards the continuation of critical operations while the extraordinary activities are managed by the interim professional. Interim solutions create no additional fixed costs helping the organization optimize the cost base in times where strict cost management is crucial.

Nordic Interim help your organization recover and stabilize your operations in the new reality

When an organization have been through crisis and turmoil there is often a new reality to be managed on the other side. Nordic Interim has the interim professionals with the right and relevant experience to adjust the organization and business to the new conditions. We have a long experience of turnarounds, cost adjustment initiatives and managing insolvency situations. We can support re-organizations, top line growth initiatives, M&A, divestments and closing of units.

We are there all the way

We help you analyze your situation and your needs and then identify the best available candidates available on the market. During the mission, we work closely with both clients and the interim executive to ensure a successful and sustainable process of change.

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When to hire an interim executive for risk and crisis management?