Change Management

All organizations need Change Management, sooner or later.

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A change or transformation can be, for example, introducing new structures and work processes, implementing a reorganization, implementing an integration after an acquisition, digitization of the business or whether a new CRM system or a new regulatory framework is to be implemented.

Nordic Interim cooperates with the markets most experienced Interim Managers for Change Management

Our Interim Managers for Change Management leaders are available for all functions. The common nominator is the vast experience of leading organizations in ups and downs and has run large change management projects several times with good results.

Leadership change means that you guide the organization and stakeholders from the current situation to the goal you want to achieve in a structured way. A transformation is often very costly in terms of time, resources and money and it is therefore of the utmost importance that the change is driven efficiently, long-term and sustainably.

Many change initiatives do not achieve the desired result, which is often due to a lack of understanding and commitment from the organization. That is why it is invaluable to have an experienced Change Leader who can focus fully on the mission.

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The Assignment is to drive the transformationen as efficient and painless as possible

Without the right leadership, the goals are rarely reached in time and the project can be very costly. A good Change Manager has the ability to get everyone on the train and drive effective change while business continues to run.

The first step in a change process is usually to create a clear picture of the current situation and goal picture. What are the opportunities for both the company and the individual employees? Why does the change happen, how does it happen, when does it happen and who influences it? are questions that must be answered and communicated often and regularly. Many people experience a journey of change as stressful and it is therefore very crucial that everyone understands why this happens and how it affects them on an individual level.

The change leader has a firm foothold and support from the management who must lead by example. In addition to the management clearly showing their support for the change and the Change Leader, key people with confidence in the organization who support the change are also needed.

The advantage of hiring an interim manager for the Change Management:

  • The business does not have to set aside a resource that also has to carry out their usual tasks
  • An Interim Change Leader is completely dedicated to the task
  • An Interim Change Leader has successfully made the same journey several times before
  • An interim Change Leader has good and reliable leadership that calms the organization and add stability
  • The transformation is carried out on time and to the right budget.

Vi hjälper er att analysera er situation och era behov och identifierar därefter de bästa tillgängliga kandidaterna som finns på marknaden. Under uppdragets gång arbetar vi nära både uppdragsgivare och interimare för att säkerställa en framgångsrik och hållbar förändringsprocess.

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“My assignment was to analyze if we could save the company or if we should shut down. The key was to regain the trust of customers and employees.”

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