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When is an Interim Manager the best solution?

An Interim Manager is an excellent solution when the business is facing a challenge transformation, vacancy or sick leave. All assignments are unique and by hiring an Interim you get a leader who knows exactly what you need at exactly the right moment. An Executive Interim Manager is a short-term injection for a project or a specific task, that focuses on the assignment and is invaluable in changes such as strategy projects, implementations or to drive growth.

“A lot can be delegated, but someone has to make the decisions. An interim dare to make quick decisions.”

”My operational focus is better rewarded as an interim compared to as a consultant.”

Qualified leaders with a strong focus on results

An Interim Manager is no administrator simply filling a temporary vacancy. He or she takes an operating responsibility and delivers in line with the purpose, goal and requirements of the assignment.
It could be about stepping in as a temporary CEO, Group President, Head of HR, Head of IT, line manager or as a qualified specialist and project manager. When a process, function or unit is in need of change or when a company is struck by a severe crisis. Or in connection with a turnaround, strong expansion, and international realignment programmes.

Fill a critical gap

A number of C-suite level roles, or positions immediately below these

Driving change

Improve a process, function, or unit, such as:

  • Building financial function 2.0 – interim CFO
  • Building HR Function 2.0 – Interim HR Director
  • Working capital reduction – Interim Head of Supply Chain
  • Reallocating a production site – Interim Site Manager
  • Creating a strategic purchasing function – Interim Head of Purchasing
  • Securing the launch of a new product range – Interim Head of Product Launch
  • Significantly improving the R&D function – Interim R&D Director
  • Taking a sales company to the next level – Interim Sales Director
Expansion or transformation
  • Introducing a company on the stock exchange – Interim CFO
  • Securing the M&A function – Interim Head of M&A
  • Driving digitalization across companies and geographies – Interim Chief Digital Officer
  • Building a Product Strategy function – Interim Head of Product
  • Transforming a business unit – Interim Head of BU
Crisis management
  • Turnaround of a sales company in Europe – Interim Head of Sales
  • Turnaround of an independently operating company within a larger group – Interim MD
  • Turnaround of a listed company – Interim CFO
  • Turnaround of a PE portfolio company – Interim CEO

”I am able to remain outside the ‘internal politics’ and focus on the assignment.”

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