Why Interim Management?

Interim Management is the best solution when your business is facing a challenge and you do not have sufficient capacity or knowledge. An Interim Manager is also a good choice in case of a vacancy or for managing and running specific projects or programs. A fast, result-oriented and cost-effective solution to your challenge.

”The focus is on creating improvement and driving change.”

The best of two worlds

Interim Management is the best of two worlds.

In today’s intense corporate climate you need to have a flexible organisation which is able to react quickly and efficiently to change, threats and possibilities. The pace is accelerated. Competition is global. Digitalization requires transformation, change and reallocation. But what do you do when there no time to recruit or space for a traditional management consultant?
The solution for an ever increasing number – both in the private and public sector – is Executive Interim Management.
With short notice a qualified Interim Manager or specialist enters the organisation. An experienced leader, with a senior profile, who takes operating responsibility and fully focuses on a predetermined assignment. It gives the client optimal flexibility, power to execute and cost efficiency.

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“As an Interim Manager, you shift to a higher gear to quickly find solutions, create results and deliver value. You can rest after completion of the assignment!”

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Quality, power and commitment

Since 2004 Nordic Interim has established qualified and global interim operations with a focus on quality, skills and power to execute. We offer executive interim management solutions to critical and complex business challenges. In Sweden, the Nordics and the Rest of the World, for both the private and public sector.

In addition to a global network of Executive Interim Professionals we can, with our own experience from industry and commerce and the public sector, contribute with advice and knowledge throughout the entire process, from analysis and strategy to execution, evaluation and follow-up.