When the Finnish paint manufacturer Teknos was in urgent need of a CFO to head their finance department, high demands were placed on the right competences and cultural fit. The management of the company decided to turn to a professional interim services provider, Nordic Interim Oy, to find the right candidate.

Nordic Interim could quickly present Minna Alitalo, an experienced CFO now active as a board professional.

Nordic Interim Oy did not just search for the right Interim Manager to solve the client’s issues, but also for the right assignment for me. Compatibility and getting along with the team are equally important as the needed competence. I had the time and energy to take on an operational role in addition to my board assignments and I wanted to share and utilize my expertise and experience.

Minna Alitalo, Interim CFO at Teknos.

It was very important for both Minna and Teknos’ management to get to know each other and ensure that her competences and experiences matched the challenges at hand. Although the goal was to quickly fill the vacancy, it was even more important to find the perfect cultural fit. In this way, both the client and the candidate could be sure of their decision.

“I started the interim assignment with exactly the same enthusiasm as if I had been recruited for a permanent role. I genuinely wanted to help, share my expertise, and lead the team. I was able to quickly catch up with the situation and take over and lead the financial function” Minna continues. As a former competitive swimmer, she always strives to become better and faster, something that also pervades her work: how can we be more efficient and reach the finish line?

The quick solution was appreciated in the organization

When a company engage an Interim Manager to lead a business-critical function, it can sometimes lead to concerns within the team. Maiju Mansikkamäki, Business Controller and part of Minna’s team, explains that when they were informed of that an interim CFO would be taking responsibility for the financial function, the main feeling was relief. “It was a relief that we would not have to wait for a new CFO during a potentially long recruitment process, but that we quickly would get someone to lead our team. Minna got hold of the situation very fast and her experience was proved very useful in many situations, including when there was a need to prioritize actions or to decide on different development projects.”

It was soon clear that Minna, the financial team, and the management were very satisfied with the cooperation, she was offered the permanent role, which she accepted. “I still work as a board professional, which is a win-win situation for both Teknos and me. By working with issues and operations of different companies and industries, my own expertise is constantly evolving, and I can use this in my role at Teknos” Minna concludes.