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Case Study: Relocation of production from Denmark to Poland – Interim Project Leader ensured a successful transfer

The project included the training of staff in Poland, gradual transfer of production equipment, start-up of production in Poland as well as the settlement of the Danish production while keeping the business running. The Danish interim service provider Nexus Interim was assigned to support the company to find the right person for the project.

The project had been initiated but did not run as planned and was delayed. An interim Project Leader, who had moved and started up production in Poland before, was engaged. He had strong experience in project management and technical background in production. Knowing the typical pitfalls, he could prevent problems before they occurred, thus providing a solid foundation for the project.

Within 10 days, Nexus Interim presented a senior interim Project Manager who had previous experiences in moving and starting production in Poland. He knew the typical pitfalls and could prevent problems before they arose. With strong skills in project management and production technology, the Interim Manager could safely lead and complete the project within the time frame of 1 year.

All the objectives have been met and the project has been a success. The production was moved, we maintained our level of service and people in the organization were happy.

COO of the company