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Interim Manager supports HR and Organizational Development

The Challenge

A very successful company within financial services had problems filling a critical role within HR. The role demanded an experienced Head of Organizational Development to lead the team who was responsible for providing important services to the organization. The team had recently been through several changes in the personnel, employees got new roles or chose to leave the company. The team needed continuity, guidance, and support to have the right conditions to perform their jobs.

The Solution

Globalise appointed a Head of Organizational Development on C-Level with extensive experience in several areas, including financial services. Above this, the interim manager was responsible for producing a draft for 2013’s business plan and budget for Talent & Organizational Development.

The Result

The interim manager performed the daily tasks as well as giving the specific guidance and expertise needed to support several important initiatives. These included the annual employee survey, the first annual process for competence review, demands for a suggested competence handling system, and an action plan for leadership development for the coming 2-3 years.

A draft for the departments business plan 2013 was completed, project plans and budget were presented for the HR-group to initiate the processes for prioritizing and financing. The introduction of the new Head of the function was completed and thus secured the continuity and quick integration.

Source: Globalise

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