The Situation:

The international B2B group with ten subsidiaries in a decentralized business, had enjoyed a steady growth for a decade, driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and acquisitions, but was now struggling with increasing competition. The group hadly just been acquired by a Private Equity company. The product and sales companies were own legal entities, reporting directly to the group CEO.

The Challenge:

Increased competition had led to sinking margins. The new PE-owner, together with the CEO, saw a potential for cost reduction by putting all operations control in the hands of one person. However, this meant a reorganization by splitting up the subsidaries, as several of them had both sales and operations.

The Solution:

The PE-owners and the CEO engaged an interim COO with the assignment to:

  • Create an operational strategy for the group, including:
    • Plan for future manufacturing units
    • Logistics management (with focus on outbound), and a central warehouse to reduce the restricted equity
    • Establish a central purchasing function
  • Implementation of:

    • A capital efficiency program
    • Initiate a cost reduction program through central purchasing

    • Start up a new product development unit to increase the development speed

After approximately 1,5 years, the interim COO had finished his assignment and a new function, Head of Operations, was created.


  • Inventory value decreased by about 20%
  • A new roadmap for the products was created and product development projects were started
  • A cost reduction program was initiated focusing on:
    • Key products (between 10-25% production cost reduction)
    • Logistics Management and central warehouse (between 10-20% cost reduction)

    • Outsourcing of products and closure of a smaller manufacturing unit (between 40-70% cost reduction)

Björn Henriksson, CEO, Nordic Interim

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