We have talked to Kurt Valhun Sørensen, Managing Director of Coromatic A/S, a leading provider of physical IT-security products and reliable power solutions. With over 25 years of experience at strategic, tactical, and operational levels, Kurt has developed his expertise in commercial development, employee satisfaction, growth, efficiency, innovation, and optimization.

Let’s start by explaining your leadership style. Tell us about your role as CEO for Coromatic.

“As a leader, I am decisive, and responsible for steering my team towards success. I strongly emphasise creating alignment between our strategic vision and actionable goals. Transparent, targeted, and honest communication is key to fostering understanding and satisfaction among my employees. My leadership values are deeply rooted in people development, providing clear direction, and removing obstacles to success. In essence, I strive to embody the spirit of transformative leadership, steering Coromatic towards new horizons with unwavering determination, strategic vision, and a deep commitment to organizational excellence.”

Could you share more about your journey, particularly in navigating turnarounds and fostering sustainable growth at Coromatic?

“Over the years, I’ve navigated several successful turnarounds, each presenting its unique set of challenges. I firmly believe in sustainable turnarounds, where the right management and engaged employees are crucial for long-term success. My approach revolves around inclusivity, tough decision-making, and maintaining calm fairness, even in adversity. Under my leadership, Coromatic has undergone a remarkable transformation, doubling its sales within a year, and fostering high employee engagement.”

Your strategic approach to roles and assignments is very interesting. How do you go about assessing and reshaping management teams to align with the company’s goals?

“Assessingthe alignment of the management team with our desired changes is paramount. I emphasize clear expectations and open discussions to determine their suitability for the envisioned transformation. When tough decisions are required, I don’t shy away from revamping management and departmental teams to drive Coromatic towards its strategic goals. Leveraging the expertise of Interim Management has been instrumental in finding rapid solutions and strong candidates to propel the company forward.”

Interim Management plays a significant role in your strategy, and you have used this solution several times. What benefits do you see in utilizing this solution?

“Interim Management offers agility and expertise in delivering rapid results. With a focus on immediate impact and structured onboarding, Interim Managers bring a wealth of experience and drive to the table. I value the efficiency and quality of candidates provided by Interim Management, enabling Coromatic to hit the ground running and achieve tangible results from day one. We are very pleased with the support and collaboration with Nordic Interim.”

Last, beyond your professional career, you have a rich personal life. Could you share more about your interests outside the corporate realm?

“I like to be in the nature and technology outside of work. I’m a family-oriented individual passionate about maintaining a thriving Koi fishpond. The complexities of water quality and fish care fascinate me. Balancing my professional commitments, I like going to the cinema and theatre, enriching my life.”

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