Søren Eriksen, Managing Director, Remondis A/S, Denmark
Søren Eriksen, Managing Director, Remondis A/S, Denmark

Søren Eriksen, Managing Director of Remondis A/S, has engaged several Interim Managers during his career. We had the chance to talk to him and to Astrid Friis-Hasché, interim M&A Expert, recently engaged to evaluate potential acquisitions. 

Remondis is a global leader in recycling, service, and water solutions, with a presence across four continents and a workforce of over 37,000 people. In Denmark, Remondis A/S, specializes in efficient waste collection and recycling, serving a diverse range of clients, from private companies to municipalities and government institutions. 

Søren, you’ve had an impressive career in waste management. Could you share some insights into your journey? 

“I’ve been in the waste management industry for over 25 years. My career has been quite hands-on, as I’ve worked at every level within the business, starting from the ground up. This has given me a very good understanding of the business, leadership, and the needs of our clients.” 

Your extensive career in waste management is remarkable. Can you share what motivated you to work in this field? 

“My journey in the waste management industry has been driven by a genuine passion for making a positive impact on the environment and society. During my years in the industry, a lot has happened regarding the environment and sustainability. The development is exciting, and it is rewarding to be part of something that matters.” 

Astrid, your role in M&A activities at Remondis was crucial. Could you share some insights into the challenges you faced during your engagement? 

“Working with Remondis was a great experience. I have more than 20 years of experience in corporate finance and M&A, which proved valuable in this role. What I found most alluring was the opportunity to work from the inside, closely with stakeholders in Germany, and share my expertise with the teams. Due diligence is a critical step in M&A, involving thorough research, financial analysis, risk assessment, and information verification. It ensures that potential investments are financially, legally, and operationally sound. In our case, it was vital to have a strong local knowledge of the Danish market to navigate specific laws and regulations.” 

The collaboration between the two of you has been very effective. Søren, from your perspective, what do you think made Astrid’s expertise so vital to your M&A projects? 

“Astrid brought a wealth of experience in corporate finance and M&A to the table, making her an ideal fit for our projects. Her ability to handle complex situations and communicate effectively with our German colleagues was invaluable. Having an expert like her on board was essential for the successful execution of our M&A activities.” 

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