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Optimal functionality of IT systems is crucial

Jonas Broms is an experienced CIO/IT-Manager who has a long interim career. Through Nordic Interim, in 2020 he was hired by Twilfit as IT- and Logistics Manager, a mission that proved to be even more complex when Covid-19 broke out.

Getting new challenges through his network is a common thread in Jonas’ career, as well as driving change within IT. He started his professional career at ICA’s IT department, immediately after his studies at KTH. At ICA he worked with programming and system integration, and quickly advanced from technical project management to a role as Team Manager. After several years in the retail industry, it was time to try something new and he moved on to Taxi Stockholm as Technical Manager and later IT Manager.

“Taxi Stockholm and ICA are similar in that ICA is owned by a merchants’ association and the taxi company by an association. Both businesses are extremely dependent on IT working. All IT disruptions directly affect sales.”

Axfood update all of their IT system

After a few years at Taxi Stockholm, Jonas went back to the retail industry, this time at Axfood. Here he took on a role as System Manager with responsibility for group-wide systems with the assignment to update all their IT system and create conditions for synergies and development.

“We introduced SAP as a business system for a large part of the core business. It was an enormous amount of work that required mapping and quality assurance at all levels before the implementation could begin. The focus was on not influencing the day-to-day operations, which was a real challenge.”

When the SAP implementation was complete, it was time for something new. Jonas thought about what he really liked to do and what gave him energy, he realized that the satisfaction lies in driving change, and he decided to work as an Interim Manager. He was soon offered a role as interim Group Manager IT at RNB Retail & Brands, a company with several brands and stores at the department store NK. The company was facing declining profitability and a complete system change was needed.

This assignment confirmed that an interim career was right for him as he could see clear and long-term results that were measurable. Working as an interim gave him every opportunity to drive change and engage in assignments that were fun.

Twilfit IT and Logistics

The next assignment was as interim IT- and Logistics Manager at Twilfit, which has just been acquired by a foreign company. The assignment was to ensure that the new owners could take over the business with a common IT system. After only a couple of weeks, Covid-19 broke out, and they faced completely new challenges.

“Twilfit handled the situation excellently. The company had an extremely solution-oriented culture and very good leadership. For me, it was educative to be able to transfer functions and systems to another company in another country. In the end, the new owners had taken over the entire IT environment and they successfully rolled out their cash solution in Sweden.”

When the assignment was completed, he worked on several parallel projects, among others a part-time assignment at Polarn o. Pyret where he supported the IT Manager with the daily operations. At the same time, he helped a company within the entertainment industry that had undergone a restructuring. Here Jonas got his current assignment, to make necessary changes in IT after the reconstruction work and build the future IT function.

In what situations is it a good idea to hire an Interim Manager?

“There is a big difference between hiring a consultant and hiring an interim. The latter takes operational responsibility in a line role. An interim has made the same journey successfully several times before. With the experience of driving change, an interim will quickly achieve concrete results.”