Group image of Valtus, Nordic Interim and Nexus. Göran Johansson, Janeric Peterson, Peter Raun, Philippe Soullier, Björn Henriksson, Arnaud Michaux, Poul Larsen
Group image of Valtus, Nordic Interim and Nexus. Göran Johansson, Janeric Peterson, Peter Raun, Philippe Soullier, Björn Henriksson, Arnaud Michaux, Poul Larsen

The consolidation of the Interim Management market is entering a new phase

Nordic Interim, part of Valtus Group, acquires Danish Nexus Interim. Through the acquisition, the company takes the next step and continues the consolidation of the Interim Management market. The ambition is to create a global player, and the acquisition in Denmark is part of creating a comprehensive provider in the Nordic countries.

Nexus Interim is the largest and leading player in Denmark within Interim Management. Nordic Interim is the leading provider in Sweden and Finland. Valtus Group is the largest European player and is partly owned by the large French financial group Société Générale. Together, the businesses will have a turnover of more than 750 MSEK with offices in France, the UK, Sweden, Finland and now Denmark.

Göran Johansson, CEO Nexus Interim:

”There is a large skills shortage of experienced leaders and specialists, and we are experiencing a constantly increasing demand for Interim Managers. Where Danish companies previously preferred Danish Interim Managers, we now see an increased demand for the best Interim Managers on the international market, which we can now offer.”

Björn Henriksson, CEO Nordic Interim:

”Nexus Interim has a long experience of offering its customers high-quality services. With Nexus Interim, we will strengthen our position within the group, and especially in the Nordic countries. With offices in Sweden, Finland and now Denmark, we will add a unique value to our Nordic clients.”

Philippe Soullier, CEO and founder, Valtus Group:

As the leader in the Swedish and Finnish interim management markets, it was natural for us to acquire Nexus Interim, which is the Danish leader, to consolidate our position in the Nordic market. Consolidating the leading players in each country gives our customers access to the best executives with the same level of operational excellence and performance all over the world.”

Interim Management is increasingly in demand and is growing 10-15% per year

Interim Management is today a rapidly growing market, growing about 10-15% per year. The interim industry’s services also challenge industries such as Executive Search as well as Management Consulting. The growth is driven, among other things, by the fact that more and more owners, boards, and company managements see a need to be able to engage experienced leaders and senior specialists in time-limited assignments very quickly. At the same time, more and more people from the age of 45 and up, choose to step down from their permanent jobs to become independent Interim Professionals.

About Nexus Interim

Nexus Interim has its headquarters in Copenhagen and an office in Aarhus. Nexus Interim has offered senior Interim Managers to the Danish business market since the year 2000 and is today the leading provider of interim services in Demark.

Nexus Interim offers top-qualified competencies for time-limited assignments, giving companies and organizations they support, they have an urgent need for. This could be to implement a strategic change, perform a tactical initiative, or fill a vacant key role. Nexus Interim has an extensive network of thousands of Interim Managers, securing that Nexus Interim can deliver the right solution whenever the clients have a need.

Image from the left: Göran Johansson Nexus; Janeric Peterson Nordic InterimPeter Dragsbæk Raun Nexus, Philippe Soullier Valtus, Björn Henriksson Nordic Interim, Arnaud Michaux Valtus, Poul Larsen Nexus