Cecilia Brinck and Björn Henriksson, Nordic Interim
Cecilia Brinck and Björn Henriksson, Nordic Interim

We are very pleased that Cecilia Brinck will take on the role as Managing Director for Nordic Interim Sweden as of today, October 2, 2023. Cecilia has been a Partner of Nordic Interim Sweden since 2020.

Björn Henriksson, who previously had a combined role as both Managing Director Sweden and Head of the Nordic Region, will now have more time to focus on leading the Nordic Region.

With the new line-up, we will be able to further develop our offer to customers and Executive Interim Managers.

Cecilia Brinck, Nordic Interim

“I am very excited to take the role as Managing Director for Nordic Interim Sweden. We are on a successful journey together. When our company was founded in 2003, Executive Interim Management was a new thing in Sweden. Now, 20 years later, it is an established solution that owners, Boards, and Senior Executives use to overcome their most difficult challenges. It is also an interesting career path for experienced managers.

I am really looking forward to leading Nordic Interim by managing, strengthening, and developing the company together with all fantastic colleagues, interim managers, clients and partners. In addition, I will also have the opportunity to continue working with what I love: meeting people and supporting our clients in different situations.”

Cecilia Brinck

“I am very happy to hand over the role as Managing Director in Sweden to Cecilia and am looking forward to having more time to develop the whole Nordic region and work more closely with our clients and Interim Professionals on an international basis.”

Björn Henriksson
Björn Henriksson, Nordic Interim

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