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Nordic Interim grows: Niklas Björkman new Partner in Finland

“It is important for me to understand the whole picture, and it has always defined both my work life and my leisure time. In my leisure time, I like to hike in the mountains, and in my work I also strive to look at things from a higher perspective, to broaden my understanding of cause-and-effect relationships.

Niklas Björkman started his role as a Partner at Nordic Interim’s Finnish organization in April. He has experience from roles in Switzerland and Germany: “I worked with B2B products at for example Fazer. During my time at Tongyu Technology and Stora Enso, I became acquainted with international online business and the forest industry. At Talent Vectia, I focused on management consulting. Thanks to the different roles, I have constantly been offered more opportunities and acted as an advisor to company managements. I feel that my background will be very useful in my new role, as our client’s situations and needs are so multifaceted.”

With Niklas, the Nordic Interim team gets a further understanding of clients’ different needs. “I think Nordic Interim is very interesting as the company has been active in the Nordic countries for so long and so successfully. When Finnish companies are facing growth, change or need temporary support to streamline their operations, Nordic Interim is definitely the most skilled player in the market. In addition, our new owner, Valtus, is opening its doors in France and elsewhere in Central Europe. ”

Welcome to Niklas!