In response to the highly increased demand to engage specific competence for large, complex and temporary initiatives we are now launching: Transformation Solutions.

Businesses in Sweden, and globally, are today facing an equally big transformation as during the industrialization. Digitalization and automation create completely new prerequisites and challenges, in addition to existing transformation needs, and winners will be the ones who early realizes what possibilities lie in reach.

The conversion to new technology, new processes, new organizational structures and new business models are performed as project-oriented work and as separate initiatives, and transformations are very often a cross-functional process. An increased number of companies, therefore, wants to engage leadership with consultancy experience and background, to most efficiently drive their initiatives and transformations.

Companies want to secure independent analysis, clear and unilateral loyalty, and a personal commitment. Mandate, decision power and execution power consequently become crucial for results, and the combination of these factors are unique for interim executives.

Therefore, we now are launching our new Business Unit Transformation Solutions.

Based on our interim executives’ experience and competence from both consultancy services and line management roles, in combination with the mandate, an interim role in the organization provides, we get a result focus and unilateral loyalty towards the assignment which is impossible to achieve with other solutions. Our solution results in our clients getting both change management experience as well as long term sustainable change. In addition, a built-in advantage with interim solutions is when the transformation is completed, and the results achieved the assignment and the role are naturally dismantled.  

Some examples of needs we solve with Transformation Solutions

  • Comprehensive organizational changes
  • Ensure implementation of programs for major investments in business and IT
  • Creation and implementation of new factory structure
  • Establishment of new business
  • Building or expanding e-commerce
  • Digitalization initiatives in service and aftermarket
  • Post Merger Integration
  • Capital rationalization

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