Jan Långbacka, Partner, Nordic Interim
Jan Långbacka, Partner, Nordic Interim

“The growth of the industry and the opportunity to help companies in a concrete way inspired me to become a partner at Nordic Interim.”

“I want to help companies become more efficient and develop their business. By finding the part that is missing in the organization, that is, a suitable temporary interim solution, I can support companies towards better results. The goal is to build win-win solutions where all parties in the equation feel that they benefit from it.”

What attracted you to join Nordic Interim’s team?

“I think there is a big need for interim services in the market. The world is changing faster than ever before, meaning that companies have a greater need for change and development.

Companies are increasingly aware of that using Interim Managers is a quick and effective way to develop and improve operations, especially in change projects. A good example is my previous role where I started as Interim Manager which later turned into a permanent position. My mission was to lead a project that allowed us to improve the efficiency and profitability of service and project production by about 2 Meuro already in the first year.

I am motivated by the rapidly developing interim industry and Nordic Interim’s solution-oriented approach. Nordic Interim’s goal is to help their customer solve their challenges, not just to provide them with experts and resources at the management team level. It is important to me that I can add value to customers, to be useful and to feel like I am helping them move forward towards better results in a concrete way.”

What experiences do you bring to Nordic Interim?

“I have worked in various industries and have over 20 years of experience in business and organizational development. Among other things, I have worked as Development Director, Country Manager and CEO in both Finnish and international companies. During my career, I have also worked as Interim Manager and believe that it is valuable to both clients and Interims that I know first-hand what it is like to work as an interim and how to solve their challenges.

Successfully leading assignments has always required an understanding of different business models, how to build functional teams, good leadership and a broad holistic understanding. I can use my knowledge and experience to help companies find the right piece for the company’s puzzle to make the business more efficient and better.”

What does the future of the industry look like?

“There is a lot of talk about the transformation of working life, and it has also affected how companies recruit. Today, people work for a shorter period of time in a position and in a company, which has led to companies increasingly having to look for new employees. Project-based tasks are also becoming more common.

When looking for people for senior positions, a traditional recruitment process is often too slow. The companies’ challenges and need for change require quick action and you rarely have time to wait 6-9 months before a new person is in place. I believe that companies today value having access to a qualified and experienced expert who can start solving the company’s problems practically immediately. Many talented leaders and specialists also choose to be their own and be able to take on assignments where their experience and knowledge can help companies and drive change. For customers, interim services provide an opportunity to choose the right person from an even wider network. We have more than 10,000 Interim Managers in our network. As this meets the needs of both interim managers and companies, I am confident that the industry will continue to grow strongly.”

How do you think Nordic Interim will develop in the future?

“We have a strong and diverse team where different areas of expertise and different experiences work together. As the market leader and the only company in Finland that focuses solely on interim services, we are in an excellent position to invest in our development. It is important for us to help our customers find the right Interim Manager for vacant roles and experienced professionals to lead and implement transformation and development projects.

There is an old saying that nothing but change is certain. Although the saying is worn out, it is true and to ensure their success, companies must constantly evolve. I feel that in my new position I will be able to greatly help the transformation journeys of companies. It’s motivating me.”