Poul Larsen, Partner, Nordic Interim Denmark
Poul Larsen, Partner, Nordic Interim Denmark

As Nordic Interim Denmark was founded 20 years ago, the concept of Interim Management was completely unknown in Denmark and the focus was on building brand awareness and educating the market about the advantages of interim solutions. Today, the company is Denmark’s leading Executive Interim Management provider. We have talked to Poul Larsen, Partner, about the Danish interim market.

What does the Danish interim market look like and how has it developed over the past 5 years?

“The market has developed rapidly over the past 5 years as the knowledge of Interim Management keeps growing. When you talk to people, they know what it is, which they did not do when we started the company. A lot of Executive Search companies also offer Interim Management services now but do not have the right knowledge of and processes for Interim Management. In the past, traditional management consulting has been used for solving strategic problems, but now company leaders are aware that an interim can actually more efficiently implement the changes.”

What interim roles are most requested?

“Roles within finance, production and supply chain. The demand for C-level interims is increasing and the assignments are getting more advanced and complex.”

What challenges are your customers facing?

“In the beginning, it was mostly a need to fill vacancies, but now it is more operational assignments, complex transformations and strategic initiatives.”

When is Interim Management the best solution?

“When you need implementation of projects and changes and when the right skills are lacking internally. The customer gets access to an Interim Manager who has made the same journey before and who has exactly the right experience.”

“The market has developed rapidly over the past 5 years as the knowledge of Interim Management keeps growing.”

Poul Larsen

What characterizes a successful Interim Manager?

“A documented good theoretical background and strong leadership skills. He/she should be able to lead complex changes and must have experience in different types of project management with good results. An interim thrives on solving problems, developing and improving the business.”

Poul Larsen has worked as an engineer and leader for many years and has a deep technical knowledge. He has extensive experience in international business and has been active in East Africa, Malaysia, and Indonesia. When he ended his position as a Director of Carl Bro International/Carl Bro Group, with responsibility for their international activities, he started working as an Interim Manager. He was contacted by the founder of Nordic Interim Denmark (then Nexus Interim) and soon received the offer to become a partner. “I was attracted to be involved in building a business from scratch with short decision paths.”

Read more about Nordic Interim Denmark here: www.nordicinterim.dk