”At the same time as we were acquiring a business, our financial manager left his position. The situation was critical, and we quickly needed an experienced expert to assist in finalizing the acquisition and maintaining the financial management. Nordic Interim quickly presented Mira von Schrowe, who promptly and efficiently took on the challenge.” says Tiia Perämaa, CEO of Avosylin (website only in Finnish).


Avosylin is a company operating in the social services sector, providing nationwide child protection services to children, young people, and families. In 2023, as the financial manager left on short notice, they needed support for the business acquisition arrangements. “The management would not have been able to handle all aspects of the acquisition alongside their own tasks. Initially, the plan was to start a traditional recruitment process to find a new financial manager. However, it soon became apparent that the recruitment process would not be possible within a sufficiently fast timeframe. We needed someone to support us immediately.”

Smooth process and initiation of the assignment

Since Avosylin had previously used Interim Management services, contacting Nordic Interim was a natural decision. With the challenging situation in the company, the decision to use an Interim Manager was relieving in many ways, Tiia explains. “Nordic Interim took responsibility for the process and interviewed suitable candidates. They quickly found two candidates that matched our needs. It was also important that the interim we chose, Mira von Schrowe, could start the assignment immediately. It was reassuring to see that for a temporary, qualified professional, there was no need for extensive training. As an experienced professional, she took responsibility for understanding the business and got right to work. Mira focused on the demanding phase of the business acquisition process and took responsibility for the continuation of the company’s financial processes in collaboration with the administration, as well as coordinating the collection of information necessary for the business acquisition process. Both the process and the initiation of the assignment went smoothly. Although I didn’t expect anything less when professionals handle the job.” says Tiia

The assignment lasted about six months, during which the acquisition process was completed. Mira also supported the management team in the needs and practices for the finance function. Her extensive experience was also evident in the observations she made about the operations of financial management, the suggestions for improvement, and her mentoring of the management team. With Miras support, they started, among other things, developing the financial reporting throughout the group. In the discussions and development projects with her, they realized that recruiting a financial manager was not a necessary step for the business. By combining the tasks of the existing personnel with those of a financial manager, proved to be a very successful decision. Tiia says that she felt confident throughout the entire assignment and that she will engage an Interim Manager if they encounter major challenges again.

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