A woman and a man in an interview situation
A woman and a man in an interview situation

The crisis following the pandemic has accelerated the development of HR’s role with a strong focus on digitalisation and flexibility. HR managers are critical of how companies are now changing to build an organization that is ready for the future.

Both large and small companies that have been forced to fire or lay off staff will analyse the need to re-employ all their former staff. Traditional working methods are now a thing of the past and HR managers must modernize policies and processes accordingly.

To create an organization that is ready for the future, management together with HR at the forefront, need to design roles and structures that are flexible and adaptable. Therefore, it is important to give employees adaptable roles so that they have a cross-functional knowledge development.

Companies will need to focus on increasing the geographical spread/work on multiple markets and investments in multiple markets to mitigate and manage risks. This increased complexity will create challenges for leaders that affect the work itself, who does the work and where the work is done.

What will the organizations need to look like?

  • Working hours, workplace and forms of employment will be more fluid
  • Remote working will be an integral part of every organization
  • The use of interim leaders will increase
  • Focus will be placed on training and development to increase the flexibility in the organization.


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