About Transformation Solutions

The pace of innovation and new technological solutions today means that companies all over the world are facing at least as much transformation as during industrialization. Digitization and automation creates new conditions and challenges, and the winners are the ones who understand early on what opportunities are within reach.

The transition to new technologies, new processes, new organizational structures or new business models, often takes place in project form and is often a cross-functional process.

Companies, therefore, need to engage leadership with a clear consulting profile to effectively drive their initiatives and transformations. Ensuring independent analysis, clear loyalty and personal responsibility is important. Mandate, decision-making power and execution power are therefore crucial for reaching desired results, and the combination of these factors is unique to interim executives.

Charlotta Kvarnström, Partner Nordic Interim and responsible for the offering, says:

“Based on our Interim Professionals’ experience and knowledge from both consulting and line operations, combined with the mandate that an interim role in the organization provides, we gain a focus on results and unilateral loyalty to the assignment that is impossible to achieve with other solutions. Our solution means that the customer gets both change management experience and a long-term sustainable change. An inherent advantage of an interim solution is that when the transformation is completed and the results achieved, both the assignment and the role are naturally dismantled.”

By Nordic Interim

Ann Johansson
Business Assistant

Ann has an extensive experience within Professional Services from McKinsey, White & Case, and Odgers Berndtson.