Lena Haeger, Nordic Interim Executive Solutions
Lena Haeger, Nordic Interim Executive Solutions

Using Interim Leaders as a business strategy – what are the benefits?
Here are 5 key benefits!

1. Quick and flexible access to the right skills

Executive Interim Leaders enable quick and flexible access to the right skills on demand, at the exact right time, which enables your organization to be agile and react quickly to change.

2. Less fixed costs

With Interim solutions, companies get a variable cost resource and hence less fixed costs, which increase cost flexibility and optimization as a result.

3. Access to competence you need right now, but not after the project

With Interim Leaders the organization gain a set of skills and experience that is needed for a defined situation, but that you don’t need to keep employed on your own team. Some companies might also not be able to afford or attract a high level or critical talent to join their company as an employee permanently, but they can quickly access them on demand as an Interim Leader.

4. Injection of expertise, capability and new perspectives

Research shows that Executive Interim Managers update their skills more often, and with the broad experience and competence Interim Leaders harness from different industries, challenges and company cultures they leverage learnings and skills more broadly which enable them to more quickly inject expertise, capability and new and fresh perspectives to the organization, perspectives otherwise inaccessible to the organization. Welcoming the benefits of diverse talent will likely improve both creativity and profitability.

5. Change Managers with full mandate and execution power

As a result of digitalization, automation and the increased innovation pace many companies are facing important and complex change initiatives and programs. One of the challenges companies are facing is the skills and experience required to successfully deliver change and reach desired results are in high demand and in shortage. Another challenge is the overwhelming complexity and knowing where to start. Interim Leaders come not only with the right skills and experience, but more importantly with mandate and execution power and can help structure the plan and way forward while in parallel immediately beginning to deliver results.